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If you are reading this, welcome to my space and thank you for your time. I'm Roshanne pronounced rosh-ann (I've been told it means bright light in Hindi). I started blogging in September 2013 when I was studying for my Law and Criminology degree at Keele University (secured that high 2:1 btw). Life got in the way and I stopped writing but I missed having a space that belonged to me which allowed me to express my thoughts and write freely so I have started writing again.
My blog has allowed me to creatively combine my passion for writing and documenting life. I sometimes find it hard to verbalise my thoughts and opinions and so writing these down have helped. I don't really have a set goal for my blog, I just hope you enjoy reading and leave (and then comeback) feeling inspired and informed by my many ramblings.
For anyone wondering why I decided to name my blog 'Roshsrambles" my nickname 'Rosh' and from me being a constant chatterbox.
As a rule, you can expect everything posted on Roshsrambles to fall under one (or more) of the four categories below:

- Experiences & inspiration
- Natural health & beauty
- Holistic living
- Veganism 

with love,
Rosh x

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