When Bon Jovi’s new album hits the shelves, it’s time to start worrying

The music world is starting to take Bon Jovis new album, The Black Album, very seriously.

The album is the second from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming LP and is the culmination of two years of work.

The Black Album is one of the most ambitious records of the past two years.

The record includes a whopping 24 songs, each of which is more than half an hour long.

It is a record that takes us to places we might not otherwise be able to reach, and it also represents an album that has been on the back burner for almost two years and is set to be released in the next few weeks.

The Black Record is the kind of record that has become a trademark of Bon Jovei’s career, and he says that, with the album out, it will be his last for the foreseeable future.

It’s a record where you don’t know how much you’re going to get out of it and where the rest of the world is going to end up, and that’s what I’m really hoping for, I’m so confident in it.

I’m confident in the end that this record is going be great, and I know that it’s going to be a very special record, but at the same time I’m not afraid of getting in trouble for that.

I don’t have any fear of people questioning my decisions and what I do.

I do what I think is right, and if it’s not going to work, I won’t change it, because I know it’s what is right.

“When I was first writing the record, I had no idea what the record was going to sound like and I never thought it was going do so well, but I had the confidence in it that it was not going be a one-off.

It’s not an album where you can just get on a tour and go, ‘I think I’m going to do this.’

It’s a great record, and we’ll see how it’s received, but when I first started working on it, I knew nothing about it, so when it came out I was like, ‘This is the first album that I’ve written, and this is what I wanted it to sound and this was what I thought it would sound like’.

I was also really surprised to see how much people wanted to hear it.

It just felt like people were interested, and the fact that it is now being released has opened up the floodgates, which is great.

People have got to hear what I’ve got to say and what this record does and is.

It opens up the conversation and makes it accessible.

It has been a long time coming, but now it’s happening, it feels like.

It feels like everything has finally happened.

You don’t need to hear everything in the world, it doesn’t matter what you like or what you don: people like it.

If you like it, it means a lot.

Bon JOVI’S LAST HOMESTEAD: WHAT THEY SAY “When I’m first writing it, no one ever thought that it would be this huge, this ambitious record.

It really is, I mean, the length of the record is incredible.

I was very surprised at how much attention it has been received.

People who have been involved in Bon Jovic’s career for a long period of time, like people who are on tour with him and are not touring with him, they know what he does, and they know how he works, and all the people who have worked with him for a lot of years have been very impressed with the way he operates.

They are really excited about what this album represents.

I think that when you look at the way it has come out, the people have been really surprised, the reaction has been really positive.

I guess the only thing I could think about was how the fans were going to respond, and how they would respond.

I guess it’s kind of like a big picture for me.

When I was making my first record in 1996, I wasn’t really thinking about the future, I was just thinking about what I could do to make this album great, so I made the record that I wanted to make, and so, that’s how I look at it now.

“It’s been a really good year for me personally.

I’m so happy that it came to this point, because it’s such

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