‘I’m not a saint’: Trump’s supporters on the road to hell

“I’m a Catholic, I’m a Christian, I’ve been a soldier for the Catholic Church,” Donald Trump told the New York Times in 2015, as he toured the nation promoting his new book.

“I’ve been with the military, I have my son on active duty, I love our military.

I’m an American citizen, and I’m proud of that.””

And then, the next day, I saw this man on TV and it was me.

And I said, ‘I hope this guy’s not me,'” he said in the interview, which was released last week.”

And he said, and this is why he’s a great Christian, because you know what he did for the poor?

He did nothing,” Trump said.

“And that’s what you know when you watch the show.”

Trump’s comments have come under scrutiny after the New Yorker revealed the “love of his life” lyrics in his book were written by a man who claims to be his ex-wife.

The man, named as Donald Trump, told the newspaper he was dating the woman in the poem.

“I was with my son when I wrote this.

He’s an amazing young man.

I wrote the song when I was married, in 2003,” the man told the Times.

“The song’s not about him.

It’s about me.”

The man who wrote the poem has also denied the relationship between the two and has called the New Yorkers “stupid” and “fools” for revealing the man’s identity.

Trump has not responded to the New Times story and the man has not made any public statements regarding the controversy.

“Donald Trump is a fraud,” the New Jersey Republican told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly last month.

“He’s a liar.

He lied when he said he didn’t know the date of his wedding.

He lies about the date and the day of the wedding.

And now we have to tell the truth, that he’s not the guy who wrote this poem.””

I don’t care who wrote it.

It doesn’t matter who wrote, I don’t know who wrote.

But I do know who was writing it.

That is Donald Trump.”

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