Which of the best books are best read in the USA?

You might have heard that the United States is home to some of the most popular internet novels.

The New York Times has called the US “the world’s most prolific creator-owned industry” and that the country is home the number two most prolific source of US-made novels, behind only China and Russia.

So, what do these authors have to say about their books?

I reached out to these authors to find out.

The author of The Secret Garden says that he first read the novel as a teenager and that it “sounds like a great idea”. “

It is not surprising then that we find that they are well loved, or even admired, by the average American.”

The author of The Secret Garden says that he first read the novel as a teenager and that it “sounds like a great idea”.

He adds that the novel “exposes some serious issues about our democracy, and what happens when our politicians decide what we should be allowed to read and do.

I can’t say it’s for everyone, but I can say that I am personally quite impressed with how well it has worked out for me”.

Pauline Kaelin, who is known for her novels The Black Cauldron and The Princess Bride, says the US is “a very different place to England and the UK”.

“The US is full of fantastic writers.

I love their books, and I think they are great,” she says.”

The best of the American novelists I know are in the US.

They are the ones who know how to make it work, and their work is beautiful.”

Iain Banks, who also writes the novels The Red Chamber and The Lost World, says he’s “always been fascinated by the US, and my experience is that it is very much a place of discovery, a place where you can really discover things and find yourself.

I find that the US has a lot to offer and I feel very fortunate to be able to share that with the world.”

Miles O’Brien, who co-wrote the American series The Last Starfighter and The Last Crusade, says there are many American writers who have been “a huge influence on me”.

“It’s a great place to be, with wonderful people, and it’s a wonderful place to write,” he says.

“It is very hard to find writers who don’t come from here, because they are all great.”

Kelley L Cox, the author of the short story collection The Death of a Young Girl, says she’s “very excited about this book”.

She says that her US “great-grandmothers” and “grandparents” grew up in the United Kingdom and that “we have the same set of problems”.

“They were great writers and the American people are wonderful at writing books, but you have to be born here to be a writer,” she adds.

“I am very proud of my parents for writing books.”

But author and novelist Susan Gough says that the American authors are often undervalued.

“If you are not from here or if you are from a foreign country, you may be told that you are a ‘boring’ author or that you should just write a book,” she said.

“This is very true in Australia and I know of many authors who have struggled with this.

But it’s the reality of our economy and our world.”

I asked which books were the most enjoyable?

Here are my picks:The Secret GardenBy Theodore JoffenThe Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy by Pauline KaehlerThe Princess BrideBy David Foster WallaceThe Last Starfighters by Miles O’Briens The Last CrusaderBy Michael CrichtonThe Last CrusadeBy Stephen KingThe Last SamuraiBy Brian K Vaughan

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