What you need to know about ‘Bones’ and ‘The Shape of Water’ lyrics, song,video

BONES is the best-selling album of the year and has already been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, but the band’s third album isn’t just about songs.

It’s about the songs, about the story behind them.

BONES was written, recorded and mixed by members of BONES, the same team behind the critically acclaimed and commercially successful The Colour and the Shape of Darkness, but this time around, they took a chance and got together to work on a new album.

I think it was a big risk.

I would have liked to see them write something with their own brand of energy, that’s what it’s about.

You have to see the process, the process of what happens in the studio.

I have no idea what that was like.

But I think what we’re seeing on Bones is that they’re really good musicians.

And that’s how it should be.

There are things you can’t get away with in a normal band, because of the nature of what you’re doing.

The idea that they didn’t take the risk of writing this song and then releasing it, and making it their own thing and releasing it as their own album is a huge gamble, but it was the right one for them to take.

BONE’s third record is called BONES: The Colour And The Shape Of Darkness, and it comes out on September 11.

You can stream it on the band and on iTunes, and I’m sure it’ll be available on Spotify later this week.

In the meantime, here are my five favourite songs from Bones: The Shape of Waters, Bones: the Colour And the Shape Of Water, Bones 3: The Color And The Place and Bones: BONES.


Bodies In My Head (feat.

Ellie Goulding) Ellie Goulded is one of the most important female vocalists in modern pop music, and she’s also one of those rare singers who’s completely fearless, who doesn’t shy away from taking risks and letting the audience know what she’s doing.

She wrote this amazing song, which she told me was very different to any other song she’d ever done.

It was a really, really, incredibly different song to anything else that came out in the ’90s, because it was written from the perspective of the listener.

You just get this sense that you’re listening to a really special girl who’s just writing her own story.

She’s not trying to sell it, but she’s not selling it in a good way either.

Ellie says that her lyrics are really about people, and people who are really special and extraordinary and just really extraordinary.

She told me that there’s this song called The Shape and The Place where she wrote this song, “You know what?

You are the light and the shade and I am the shade”.

It was written with this voice and her voice.

She says she just had this moment of clarity and clarity that really helped her to get into her own voice.

It really, truly was the perfect lyric for her.


The Colour In My Life (feat

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