How to make my life easier as a teenager with All my Life as a Teenager

Iyanla, 19, a singer from Brazil who goes by the name of iyan, is the founder of the group “All My Life as A Teenager,” which is a collaboration between her family, friends and other people who have experienced teen-age depression.

The group consists of two dozen members.

“Iyanla is my inspiration,” says 23-year-old Brazilian singer Jaira.

“She is the reason why I am happy.” Iyanlá I can’t believe I’m finally here!

Iyanlaxa It has been a long time coming.

Iyanlo has been writing songs and performing in her hometown of São Paulo for about five years, but for the first time she got a chance to perform live.

“In Brazil, we have no idea if we are allowed to do things,” she said.

“We didn’t think we would ever be able to get this far.

But we are.”

The group has a strong connection with Brazil’s youth.

“It is not easy to be a teenager in Brazil,” said 20-year old Iyanlas, who has a B.A. in communication and journalism from the university.

“But we have a very strong bond.”

The show has been filmed for seven months.

“It has really been the first experience for me,” Iyanlos said.

“Being a teen is difficult, but this has given me something to focus on.”

I want to make a song, and sing.

I’m an artist.

I want to get a million views.

It’s not a challenge, but I’m in my 20s, she added.

As part of the production, Iyanlan has also been working on her own songs, which she has not yet released.

“We need to put it all out, and hopefully be able do something with it.

I’m sure that when I have a million songs, I’ll be able tell my own story.”

In Brazil Iyanlon has her own music videos for a few songs on her YouTube channel, which are now almost a million hits. I need my family to know that I have not lost my voice.

It’s not my voice anymore, but a new voice.

I need to tell them that I’m not alone.

This is my song, it’s my song.

I am not a robot.

Jaira is a fan of Iyanladas song.

“This is why I want this to be my legacy.

I always wanted to be able play her songs on the radio, so I’m happy to be here,” she added with a smile.

“I feel like we have so much to learn, so we can be stronger.”

If you are struggling with depression, or just need some inspiration, here’s a short video that explains some of the symptoms: I am a robot To view the video in full screen, click here.

To watch the song in fullscreen, click now.

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If your story is a match for this one, please write about it on the IyanLá blog.

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