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Monday, May 29, 2017


Tomorrow the long-awaited day will arrive and I’ll be on my jollies to enjoy a workers’ season abroad in Ibiza!

I’ve packed what seems like most of my summer clothes, bikinis and of course my Coconut Merchant Coconut oil (natural SPF ladies & gents) to spend four months abroad on the sunny isle. I cannot wait to make some amazing memories, meet some incredible people all in the blazing sun.

I have a workers’ apartment sorted in Azul apartments within a 5/10-minute walk from the westend, with five other lovely girls and according to the Ibiza Workers Facebook pages the best landlord and landlady on the island!

With the Brexit bullsh*t the conversion rate from the pound to the euro is pretty much in the gutter but I have managed to save up by working part-time with a promotional agency, completing freelance written work and working weekends at Luton FC.

I am so thankful that the many many many stressful seven day working weeks are over. No more three-hour commutes via Thameslink and London Underground, no more temperamental English weather!

I also have my sister, my cousin and a few of my friends coming out throughout the season and even Mummy Dorsett is considering taking a trip out for the closing parties! Summer 17 is set to be a good one.

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Rosh xo


Monday, May 22, 2017

Rosh Does: Life lessons

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition – Steve Jobs”

To put the above quote into the context of my life, my Nan, my Sister and I were previously discussing Becca’s plans to graduate from her first Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine and her plans to study for her second Masters in Physiotherapy in September of this year, when the talk turned to my career plans. I explained to my Nan that I no longer enjoyed aspects of my job, especially three hours a day spent on trains and tubes commuting to and from London and that because of these factors, I had decided to hand in my resignation. She expressed that she was disappointed after seeing the amount of time and effort I had put into building a career as a Solicitor.

You only live once that’s the motto

I have had quite a few conversations like this, where after I have explained to them my plans, you can feel the tension of the other person thinking  'you're doing what?!' and after these conversations I thought I would have been emotional, a fear tears at the very least, instead I felt surprisingly relaxed in the decision I had made and my positive outlook on my future. I explained countless times that it isn't that I am leaving my job to do nothing, I am leaving to enjoy a summer aboard and to pursue my own entrepreneurial career as Founder of cocolem.

I totally understand why my family, friends and colleagues have their reservations, after all, I spent three years studying hard for my LLB Law with Criminology degree and having completed many years of law related work experiences and jobs, plus the thousands of pounds’ worth of student loan debt, I am packing it all in to go away for the summer and forge out my own career path.

Despite their concerns, I cannot see myself in the same job, and on the same solicitor career path five years from now, so I have decided it is best to abandon ship sooner rather than later. I can think of nothing worst then to look back at my life and feel pity and regret for the missed opportunities, and the leaps of faith I failed to take due to lack of self-confidence. I was not am not willing to allow anyone’s ideas of how I should live my life, influence my own life plan because my life goals are to live abundantly, to be fulfilled emotionally and financially and to live a happy and grateful life knowing I made the right decisions by me, for me.

At the end of this month I would have worked my notice and with that finished this chapter of my life story. As one door closes...


Rosh xo

Monday, May 08, 2017

B*tch I’m back...

It’s been awhile since I lasted blogged, I confess I was very distracted by work, life and trying to get my sh*t together.

I missed blogging because I enjoy expressing myself through my writing, but couldn’t overcome my writers block. I had ideas and entrepreneur events such as Future Girl Corp, Blooming Founders and Badass Women's Hour that I had attended but I consistently struggled to put pen to paper and write a piece that I thought was in a style and tone that was reflective of Roshsrambles.

I googled ideas to overcome writers' block and many articles suggested reading books and listening to music to help destress the mind. I read 'Dear Female Founders' by Lu Li, this book is a compilation of Female Founders advice letters from business owners who have grossed $1 Billion in revenue, to women and girls who are starting out on their own entrepreneurial journey. You may be aware that I have founded my own natural cosmetics brand 'cocolem' and so I found this book extremely inspirational. One of my favourite quotes from the book was by Paulina Sygulska, Co-founder of GrantTree.

"You have all of it in you. To envision and create your own universe and to invite others into it, so that, one day, it feels like all the doors are open and the universe is shaping itself around you. This very belief - that you deserve the great things that will come to you - will become a foundation of your success."

I am currently reading The Autobiography of Malcom X and this book has me going through a whirlwind of emotions from personal embarrassment, anger to shock. The book is extremely addictive and even more exhilarating considering we know the violent end Malcolm X aka el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz met. There is also a current book sale at The Works, I ordered ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Numerology by Anne Christie. 

Additionally, I have recently downloaded a UK Rap playlist from Apple Music which I am loving, the playlist is updated with new songs every week, my favourite track on the playlist at the moment is Rolling ft Hardy Caprio – if you haven’t already, listen to it and wait for the beat to drop!  

I have also joined a local gym with my sister to help me tone and increase my fitness in time for the summer season! She is a future Physiotherapist and is set to study her second Masters at Brunel this coming September. My sister is extremely determined and no place is this more evident than in the gym, she pushes me (most times reluctantly) to my limits. We mostly train weights and cardio including weighted squats, deadlifts, lunges, weighted hip thrusts, resistant band crab walks, interval training on the running machine, hip abductions and inductions (although we call these out out, in ins) and the dreaded TRX machines, trying to complete a set of mountain climbers in these creates the hottest burn.

Despite not liking it at first, I do really look forward to a gym session – the endorphins released are realllllll. It helps to boost my mood especially after a stressful day at work and a long commute home. I have put on weight which for me is an added bonus to an increase in overall fitness, I used to vary between 56kg and 58kg but I am now a solid 61kg and I wouldn’t mind putting on a few more pounds #ThickThighsSavesLives. For those that want to follow my sister’s fitness journey you can follow her on Instagram: BeccaaDorsett and YouTube: BeccaaDorsett.

So yeah that’s kind of a break down on what I have been up to these past months. I will be blogging again every Monday. Stay tuned and bare with me as I get used to blogging life.
Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? Let me know how you overcame it… leave a comment below or DM me on Twitter.


Rosh xo

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