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Monday, December 26, 2016

How to keep your skin smooth and supple during the Winter months and all year round

With winter here to stay and the temperature in the UK teetering close to 0 oc keeping your skin looking fresh, smooth and moisturised over the next few cold months is important.

Below you will read my shower routine including my daily body exfoliating regime. 

What is Exfoliation
It is a process that effectively takes away dead skin cells from the epidermis level of your body and face. Doing this on a weekly basis can help to unclog pores, blackheads, and reduce blemishes for smooth and radiant skin.

Why exfoliating should be a important step in your shower regime
Helps to increase blood circulation leading to a more youthful and glowing appearance 

Exfoliating is good for all skin types from dry, normal, oily and sensitive as it can rid dry skin build up which causes the skin to look rough and dull, reduce the appearance of damaged skin marks such as spots and help to unclog blocked pores. Leaving a smoother, brighter and healthier skin

A mini pampering session in the bath or shower can help to improve your overall health and well being.

What can I use to exfoliate?
I having been using scrubber gloves daily for the last decade. You can purchase a pair from Superdrug, Boots and The Body Shop they range from 0.99p to £3.99 in price. 

However, having attended The Clothes Show I received the Zero Skin Charcoal infused scrubber sponge in my goody bag. This scrubber uses the mineral found in Bamboo Charcoal such as potassium, calcium, iron and sodium to detoxify, cleanse and exfoliate your skin. I love love love it and the sponge has become a stable in my shower routine. I use this scrubber sponge daily with an antibacterial soap to buff, cleanse and my skin.

I've exfoliated, what's next?
This is an important, if not the most important step following a body exfoliation. Moisturise. Do not forget to apply a moisturising body lotion/oil on to your refreshingly rejuvenated skin! 

As always I use Coconut Merchant's Organic, Raw Coconut Oil as its deeply moisturising, hydrates and makes my skin feel and look so smooth and supple. For those who don't like the feel of oil on their skin why not try a butter based cream such as Palmers cocoa butter or for a lighter cream try Lush’s Ro Argan Body Conditioner which smells incredible and can be applied straight after your sower to lock in extra moisture.

Have you tried exfoliating? What were your results? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments section below. 

Rosh xo



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