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Monday, September 05, 2016

Rosh Does - Fluoride free toothpaste

Around 2 years ago I stopped using toothpaste containing fluoride. Fluoride has been the key cavity-fighting ingredient (and the only one approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) used in toothpastes since the 1950s. However, there have been studies conducted that intake of fluoride can have detrimental effects on our health. In 2012 a study conducted by Harvard University and China Medical University found that fluoride exposure can negatively affect cognitive development in children with one Professor from the study stating:

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain,”. “The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.”

Fluoride is a poison, and while the amount in toothpaste is small, don’t forget we are putting this into our mouth once-twice a day, 365 days a year and are meant to be drinking 8 cups of fluoride contaminated water each day (if you love that government juice that is).

And so having carried out my own research, I finally decided that my only alternative (or so I thought) was to make my own toothpaste. I combined coconut oil, calcium powder, bicarb soda, … and peppermint oil. I used this for mixture around 6 months and my teeth were the whitest they have ever been and my overall oral hygiene was on point. I later discovered the wonders that are Lushtoothy tabs. These small but powerful tablets have been a modern day god-send, they are effective, come in a convenient packet for stay overs and at £4.95 for 100 tabs are cost effective. I personally have seen improvements with the overall brightness of my teeth and cleanliness of my mouth.

For me these tabs are a safer, natural and an effective way to tackle big no nos such as bad breath, plaque and discolouration of the teeth. 

Now if you’re curious about trying natural toothpaste as I previously mentioned Lush’s toothy tabs are a good place to start they come in 7 flavours, my favourite is Dirty as it contains Sodium Bicarbonate which helps to naturally whiten teeth, my second favourite is Miles of Smiles as it contains the most peppermint oil and wild mint oil. Or if you’re feeling even more creative why not try experimenting with making your own toothpaste. Either way please let me know how you get on or if you know of any good non-fluoride toothpastes.

Rosh xx


  1. Wow! I definitely want to consider not using toothpaste containing fluoride now. I'll consider your DIY. I don't own any LUSH products but I've purchased some in the past. I never knew they had products for dental hygiene. I will definitely check these out. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hey Sasha,

      Let me know how you get on. I definitely recommend the Miles of Smiles as it's the closest flavour to commercial toothpaste xxx


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