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Sunday, July 24, 2016


If you know me you will know I am obsessed with coconut oil, I use it every day in my hair, on my skin, as mouthwash, I’ve even used it to clear random skin rashes and to heal minor cuts. I am also very much into a natural lifestyle, in the past I’ve made my own toothpaste, deodorant, hair moisturiser, face scrub and most importantly lip balm.

I initially started making my own lip balm as I was having severe allergic reactions to commonly used lip balms such as Carmex, Vaseline and Nivea (think Pete Burns). After trial and error for around two years and having roped in my sister as my Guinea Pig the idea to start my own natural cosmetics line literally popped into my head.

Four months later and I am now in the initial stages of starting my own natural cosmetics line called 'cocolem’. I came up with the name as all cocolem products will benefit from the nutrients and minerals of two super foods: coconut oil and lemons.

cocolem will focus on developing handmade natural, organic cosmetics including lip balms, lip scrubs and face scrubs eventually developing into a wider range of products include hair, health and beauty. 

Our first products will focus on keeping your pouts in check, think moisturising lip balms and exfoliating lip scrubs. All four products will be cruelty free (tested on friends and family), organic and handmade. They will also be suitable for both vegetarians and for vegans.

I am very passionate about cocolem and developing organic products that genuinely work without the need to use random chemicals that I can hardly pronounce let alone know for sure what adverse effects they are having on my body externally or internally.

I could go on for ages but I’ll let the products speak for themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am excited for you to try the products, and for cocolem to continue to grow and flourish, the brand has already received so much love and I am looking forward to receiving much more.

You can purchase your own vegan or vegetarian lip balm on our Etsy UK shop.

Please follow us on our social medias:

Instagram @cocolemuk 
Twitter @cocolemuk
 Facebook @cocolem

Thank you for your support

p.s We will be giving away sample packages as a way of saying thank you. Follow cocolem on instagram for latest updates on our giveaway competition.

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