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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Thursday 11th July 13*. Graduation time, D- Day has arrived. All those sleepless nights in the Library, energy drink fuelled cramming sessions (excluding us Law students of course) and what seemed like endless Lord Denning Case Comments have all been leading up to this day and it is finally here.

For me D-Day arrived a few hours earlier as I had been awarded the ‘Oxford University Press Law Prize 2012-2013’ for attaining the highest level 3 dissertation mark (73%)! Beaming it was time to graduate.

Steeped in cultural history Graduation is somewhat of an academic rite of passage: you have put the work and so here is a certificate detailing your abilities and new status (Roshanne Dorsett, LLB). It is a day to celebrate all your academic achievements and wish you well for all your future endeavours.

Nonetheless, despite this grandiose ceremony, personally, I felt it was more for my family to enjoy, as I had long before received my degree qualification (a high 2:1) so this day seemed a little overdue. Not to say I did not have an amazing time, but once you have suited up, had your name called out and taken all your fancy photos (of which there were hundreds)the cripplingly realisation that the door to the real world has now swung open hits you, it hits you hard.

No more would my concerns centre around who had stolen my milk and cheese, who had completed the seminar readings or more importantly, what drinks deals were at the Students’ Union. Instead, my priorities will now include; writing a cracking covering letter, ensuring my CV is in reverse chronological order and that and ensuring that I am indeed commercially aware!

Wish me luck.

Yours Faithfully,

*P.s. Apologises for this late post, I left for Thailand, 7 days after graduating!
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