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Saturday, February 18, 2012

2-nil to Exams

Hello fellow blawyers!,

Please excuse my absence, due to memory loss (I forgot my password) and a hectic end of year 1 and beginning of year 2 I seem to have neglected my dear blog and for that I apologise.

Well Year 2 exam results are out and to be honest, I'm not jumping for joy. I gained a 1st class in Criminology-cheers and whoops in elation, but that is where the celebrations come to a abrupt stop. Unfortunately, I did not do as well in Law, I ended up with a 2:2 for Criminal Law I, Contract Law I and Land Law I. Gutted. I tried my hardest under exam conditions and during the write up of my essays but a 2:2 is a 2:2 and no I am worried. 

As many law students know, high flying city firms and students with less than a 2:1 across the board do not mix (many filter out applicants for training contracts this way) and so to finish with a 2:2 is pretty discouraging, since I eventually would like to become a high flying solicitor in a high flying city firm. 

I haven't received my feedback yet, but I think overall I failed to analyse the law, my knowledge is fine however, my ability to interact effectively with the law is lacking. 

I plan to do much better in my second semester assessments, I've already started writing up my revision cue cards and practicising my writing skills by completing past examination essay questions and problem questions. With all this effort how could I possibly go wrong?

I'll keep you updated with my progress.
Enjoy your weekend,

Yours Faithfully,

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